GridLAB-D™ Demonstrations

GridLAB-D™ is flexible, agent-based simulation engine that allows users to explore a wide variety of analyses or even constructing new scenarios during runtime. However, the complexity of GridLAB-D™ can sometimes be intimidating during the initial learning stages. This interactive, web-based tool was created through a series of education projects to introduce new users to some of the complexities of distribution systems, while simplifying the interaction with the underlying tool, GridLAB-D™.

Feel free to use this web portal as means to explore some of the capabilities of GridLAB-D™. Please be aware that some of the models may take a few minutes to simulate. Once they have been simulated previously, they will be stored on the server and will be quickly accessible.

A quick introduction to what you will see:

Voltage Control

    This explores traditional voltage control on a distribution system, including regulator and capacitor operational set points. Users will be able to modify a wide variety of these parameters, including control types, sensing locations, and time delays.


    This explores the effects of photovoltaic and inverter penetration on a traditionally operated system, including the effects on overloading, voltage control, and losses across a variety of weather patterns. Users will be able to change the solar penetration level and weather types.

Energy Storage

    This explores the effects of a small system with a battery charging system designed to offset the load at a transformer (i.e., peak shaving) with nine residential customers. Users will be able to modify the size of the battery and the charge and discharge setpoints.

Demand Response

    Coming soon!

Solar Demonstration Simulation

    This is a demonstration of the effects of "cloud transients" on a simple distribution system with varying levels of photovoltaic penetration. This is purely a web-based demonstration with stored data and does not simulate new models.