GridLAB-D™ Resources

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Training Material

  • Module 2, online course V2.2 Powerflow

    This module covers the theory and use of the powerflow module. Descriptions on the various available objects, powerflow solution methods, basic load models, and how to use them in a GridLAB-D model file are addressed. Demonstrations of models in use are also covered.

    Presenter: Frank Tuffner
    Date: 11/29/2012
    Length: 3.5 hrs
    Type/Size of video: YouTube / 218MB
    Notes: First five minutes of presentation were not captured.

  • Module 3, online course V2.2 Residential & Climate

    This module covers the basics of the residential and climate modules. Short descriptions of the implemented models, general modeling methodology, and sample models are described. Appliance models at the end of the presentation are intended for V2.3.

    Presenter: Jason Fuller
    Date: 12/18/2012
    Length: 2.5 hrs
    Type/Size of video: YouTube / 2,198MB

  • Module 4, online course V2.2 Markets and Demand Response

    This module covers the market module, the demand response (DLC, TOU/CPP, RTP, etc.) capabilities we are trying to capture, and basic formulation of auctions and controllers. Example models are provided.

    Presenter: Jason Fuller
    Date: 02/14/2013
    Length: 2.25 hrs
    Type/Size of video: YouTube / 1,772MB

  • Module 5, online course V2.2 Distributed Generation, Storage, and Electric Vehicles

    This module covers the basic models used for solar PV, wind turbines, battery storage, inverters, and electric vehicles - how to model them, current controls available, and how to extend controls.

    Presenter: Frank Tuffner
    Date: 03/05/2013
    Length: 2.5 hrs
    Type/Size of video: YouTub / 2,346MB

  • Module 6, online course V2.2 Model Conversion

    This module covers experiences with converting models from commercial packages then populating them with representative loads.

    Presenter: Jason Fullerr
    Date: 03/28/2013
    Length: 2.5 hrs
    Type/Size of video: YouTube / 2,109MB