GridLAB-D™ Help

GridLAB-D™ has a troubleshooting guide available for you to use. The troubleshooting guide links specific output messages (warnings, errors, etc.) to developer notes about what might be the root cause.

Please note that the guide is accurate only for the latest build of each version. If you are using an older build, it is likely that the code link may not work properly.

Discussion Forums

The troubleshooting guide may not always point you to an obvious solution. If it doesn't, we have help forums that are monitored by our developers and power users.

We are currently migrating our forums from SourceForge to GitHub. See the SourceForge forums for ~8 years of questions and answers to see if someone has asked the same question before. If that doesn't quite answer your question, feel free to post a new issue on our GitHub issue tracker. We will try to respond as soon as possible.